While we are very sad not to be able to worship face-to-face,

we have some suggestions about how we might continue to gather for worship while staying in our own homes.

1. Have a look at our Worship at Home booklet and Holy Week at Home booklet

2.  On Sunday at 10.30am we could each light a candle, say some prayers, read a bible passage.

Then offer quiet prayers for the world, the church, the community, those in need and those who've died. And end with the Lord's prayer and blow the candle out.

3. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram @standrewsn16  - we will be posting ideas, hymns to listen to, things to pray for etc.

Sunday 24th May - Seventh Sunday of Easter (Sunday After Ascension)

Stay Alert! As someone on social media from a nearby church said, this week is when Jesus went to work from home, so it's good to have some topical readings... Interestingly, Charis mentions Julian of Norwich. She lived in the 14th Century, and survived the black death, so she is also topical for the times we're living through. 

I thought I'd add a little music to open with, then Charis's words are below...

So to start, Christ Triumphant, to the tune Guiting Power, a wonderful tune, written in the 80s when I was but a mere choirboy: 

Next - today's word from Charis:

Next, something a little different. Northern Irish performers Keith ad Kristyn Getty sing this song we normally associate with Christmas, but the words are also relevant for today, and I love the energy in this one... 

And a more meditative piece - some Taize meditation, Ubi Caritas. The translation of the full text from which these few lines are taken reads, 

"Where charity and love are, there God is.
The love of Christ has gathered us into one.
Let us exult, and in Him be joyful."

And to finish, an incredible version of "Come Let Us Join Our Cheerful Song" - from 1999 - many of you won't even remember that far back (I don't even know if Charis was born then!) - but most remarkable, I lived just a few miles away from where this version was recorded - definitely no social distancing needed in Glossop in 1999...

That's all for this week. Have another safe week and we'll have some more music suitable for next week here in time for Sunday.