While we are very sad not to be able to worship face-to-face,

we have some suggestions about how we might continue to gather for worship while staying in our own homes.

1. Have a look at our Worship at Home booklet and Holy Week at Home booklet

2.  On Sunday at 10.30am we could each light a candle, say some prayers, read a bible passage.

Then offer quiet prayers for the world, the church, the community, those in need and those who've died. And end with the Lord's prayer and blow the candle out.

3. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram @standrewsn16  - we will be posting ideas, hymns to listen to, things to pray for etc.

Sunday 2nd August 8th After Trinity

Apologies, I'm on holiday this week, so no full set of music. You'll find Charis' thoughts for the week here : https://youtu.be/WfR1BAC9eNY